At Sulco Limited, we have been servicing tools and Equipment for over 40 years on our premises.

Nobody knows your Sulco supplied equipment like we do. 

Which is why we pride ourselves in offering you a truly valuable after sales experience. 

We have an invested passion for each and every item of equipment that leaves our head office.

We utilise only the very best, dedicated, supplier trained professionals to work on your equipment, may that be either in our specially designed workshop or at your place of business. 

In offering genuine warranties and genuine parts you can guarantee genuine service. 

We are committed to delivering services that are completed with precision, as to ensure that all servicing work is done in accordance with the suppliers specifications, therefore maximising your equipment's operating reliability so that it is never compromised. 

Servicing your equipment regularly with Sulco, will extend the life of your equipment, save you money in the long run and also improve your equipment's overall performance, because servicing is the best form of preventative maintenance. 

We also offer peace of mind by extending our services to telephone consultations, we know your equipment. So we dedicate ourselves to offering professional advice and recommendations.

With Sulco providing you service, peace of mind comes standard, "Quality First, Quality Lasts"